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Our sales to the leading supermarket nets exceed 20.000.000 units annually

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Medori products are presented around the whole territory of Russia, from Kaliningrad through Vladivostok, and in the neighbouring countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Air fresheners with your logo
Private Trading Mark
Full production cycle of air fresheners with your logo: from a design ellaboration up to delivery. We will help you select a scent for your air freshener
What are the steps?
We review your request
We make a selection of air fresheners for you and assess an estimated volume of your order
We make a customized offer to you
We discuss a possibility of exclusive distribution, discounts and payment terms
We launch your order into production
We help you select desirable scents
We offer you decisions how to save on delivery costs
We look for best delivery options for you