Car fresheners Tensy gel

The powerful car air purifiers and air fresheners with scented gel canister and air-holes tirelessly work to defeat odors over the course of months, eliminating them while also releasing an enjoyable scent in its stead.

When exposed to air, the composition begins to gradually evaporate, providing a mild fragrance and pleasant atmosphere in a car. This type of fresheners strength is primarily in emitting a long-lasting pleasant aroma.

Such flavors are usually installed on the dashboard, under the passenger seat or in the passenger’s cupholder.

Keep in mind to install air fresheners out of the airbag deployment area, do not place it under the driver’s seat or in areas that can block the drivers view of the vehicle or otherwise influence the safe driving, and do not allow the gel to come in contact with plastic or leather upholstery.

Car fresheners Tensy gel:


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